The Best iOS Remote For Using The Camera

Aug 15, 2014Ryan Burnette

I recently wanted to use a remote to take pictures using my iOS device. I immediately went to Amazon and purchased the most expensive option. I figured you get what you pay for, plus it was first in the list and qualified for Prime.

While I do believe the unit I got may not be indicative of all units in this model, mine didn't work reliably and I had to seek an alternative.

For my second choice I went with the cheapest and simplest possible option. I've been very pleased. It does exactly what it claims to when paired with an iOS device and without any unnecessary complication. I've suggested this device to a couple of my clients and got positive responses from them about it.

In the end, "best" depends upon what you want to do with such a remote. For me, I just wanted a device with one button that allowed me to take pictures without having to physically touch the iOS device.

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