My Boilerplate Gruntfile.js

Oct 15, 2014Ryan Burnette

I've been using Grunt for over 3 years now, almost all the way back since I started using CSS pre-processing. In the beginning I was using CodeKit, which is still an awesome tool. I prefer Grunt because I can code and commit my workflow into the repository of the project. There are some other technical benefits, but I encourage anyone starting out to buy a copy of CodeKit.

Most of my projects start out with some static HTML and some Sass and JavaScript that I need to write. This boilerplate Gruntfile.js is my starting point.

I have a bunch of prefixes that make keeping up with paths a lot quicker when going about editing and customizing the tasks.

I often use additional tasks, but these are the foundation of most of my work.

A lot of folks have been switching to Gulp lately. I hear one of the perks is speed. I found that once I broke up my watch task to watch Sass files and run Sass tasks then watch JavaScript files and run JavaScript tasks that things went a lot faster. Combine that with liveReload and I haven’t been motivated to switch … yet.

Notice the dev task. I use Connect to serve the root of the repository on port 9001 while using watch to compile when any changes happen. This is a great way to start coding right away on a real web server before I get into WordPress, Rails, Jekyll or whatever I’m building into.

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