A Pull Request I'm Especially Proud Of

Jan 13, 2015Ryan Burnette

A year from now when I read this post I hope it seems trivial, but today I'm reveling in a mini-victory. I was working on a Jekyll site and I ran across a bug. After submitting an issue on the Github repository I ended up digging into the source and finding why the problem was occurring.

While I'm confident in my capabilities, a project like Jekyll is maintained at a level that I'm not used to working at. Many of the developers on this project are the best of the best. The test coverage is very complete. The procedures and styles are well-defined. This is a level and an environment that I aspire to work in more and more.

In order to write a pull request that is accepted I needed to adhere to Jekyll's contributing rules and write a test for my new code.

With a little direction from the maintainers I did just that. My code passed the tests in Travis CI and was merged into the upcoming release.

On one hand, it was literally a one-line fix and the test was just copied and changed from similar one. It took less than 5 minutes.

On the other hand, I had identified a problem and contributed a fix to a repository that really makes an impact. It's a small victory, but it's a milestone I'm proud of on a journey that I enjoy every day.

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