Install OpenVPN Appliance Server on Proxmox

We can repurpose ESXi virtual image of OpenVPN Appliance Server to get up and running in a Proxmox KVM virtual machine.

I’m going to start by creating a VM in Proxmox. I went with 2 cores and 1 GiB memory. I didn’t worry about the disk because we’ll be removing it later. Make note of the VM ID. Note the name of the storage used for the virtual disk.

Establish an SSH connection to Proxmox.

ssh root@pve

I’ll work from a temporary directory.

mkdir /tmp/openvpnas
pushd /tmp/openvpnas

Download the ESXi .ova image from OpenVPN.


We can extract the downloaded .ova file to get at the disk image file.

tar xvf openvpn-as-latest-vmware.ova

Notice that one of the extracted files is a disk image: OpenVPN_Access_Server_ESXi-disk1.vmdk.

Import the disk file to the qm virtual machine we previously prepared. Adjust VM ID and storage locations which need to be modified for your configuration.

qm importdisk 100 OpenVPN_Access_Server_ESXi-disk1.vmdk local-lvm -format qcow2

Back in the Proxmox web interface, we’ll remove the disk that was created by default and attach the newly imported disk.