USB 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter for macOS

Feb 10, 2015Ryan Burnette

I'm making some changes to my workstation and will soon be using both my late 2013 model 13" Retina MacBooks Pro's Thunderbolt ports. I use a gigabit ethernet connection at my desk to access my Drobo and it's pretty important to me for that connection to be snappy lest my workflow be interrupted.

I wanted a USB 3.0 ethernet adapter that worked with my machine, but the reviews and advice I initially got made it sound like an unlikely thing to achieve.

After a bit of research I went with an inexpensive model I found on Amazon. Initially it locked my computer up and had major performance issues, but after installing the manufacturer's patch for Mac OS its performance and stability became equal to the Thunderbolt adapter I was using previously.

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