It’s common when you have been writing content for a long time to have a situation where an aging article has become obsolete. No matter what your particular area of expertise, times tend to change.

One approach can be to update the article. If it’s informatory in nature, that might be a good option.

If replacing isn’t an option, and you need to write a new article, redirect the users to the new content. If the old article has traffic inbound from the search engine, you can keep your place in the results and maintain that clout from day one with the new article.


Pay close attention to the URLs. I will remain agnostic to the particular method, but here’s what is happening with a redirect.

Let’s say the old article’s URL looks something like this.


And let’s say I write a new article that has a URL something like this.


Use your redirect management tool, whatever that may be, to rewrite visits to the first URL to the second. When the user clicks the search result for the old article, they’ll end up on the new. The search results for the old article will eventually become results for the new article, and the new article will usually absorb the relative placement of the old.